mylocation makes fairs and events manageable and provides a sensory perception for visitors. The innovative (groundbreaking), intelligent Path Leading and Information System facilitates the organisation, communication and signage of the infrastructure for fair ground or venue operators


Facilitation, Promptness/ Rapidity, Flexibility

myLocation ist the core component of digitalization. Information is gained first-handed and will be edited in diverse scopes through the illustration of business processes. myLocation interconnects different fields, employers and service providers and offers more than usual digital signage systems do.


The three core competences of myLocation

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Visitors view of path leading

Modern/advanced fair grounds and event venues grow consistently and mostly rise to a challenge for new visitors. The key focus of mylocation path leading is the visitor and therefore it offers adjusted images from the arrival to reaching a room or fair booth.

Equal/steady utilization

With flexible adjustments of the realtime path leading the signange can be adjusted anytime due to the circumstances. The adjustments don’t need any further technical knowledge nor a mayor effort. The deselection or prioritization particular paths will do to influence the algorithm.

Escape- and dangermanagement

myLocation can be integrated within an already exisiting security/safety concept and can thus for example support the escape management.
With just a few clicks the intelligent path leading can reroute the visitors away from the danger.



Semantic structure


myLocation displays content where they are relevant. The allocation is determined by the display-position and the allotted areas of the venue instead playlists or once predetermined display-groups. These areas are determined once and are available for all events.

myLocation is specialised in displaying information in various kind of ways.
The image is based on position and size of the displays. Information and changes have to be deposited just once and can even be filled in through the event manager.




With the disposition myLocation is able to know when and where an event takes place. This data makes it possible to determine automatically when a display is switched on, which displays will be needed, which paths are accessible and which rooms need to be additionaly signposted.
All data come from one source and have to be changed just once.

Mapping out new processes with efficency


With myLocation the event manager is able to fill in information independently into the system. These information will be automatically edited without any further personnel expenses.

Presentation mode

Time management, dispositions, intelligent Path Leading – all this can be appear very complex at first sight. But the inspection is pretty simple:
Selected displays show upon request to any certain time and run along with all changes. The view into the future allows an easy control at sight and a presentation for event managers and advertising providers.



Simple selling

The share of an advertisement on a display can be disposed easily pro rata or depending on the budget. The split of categories allows specific advertisement to target groups and a simple way of pricing in relation to the size or position of a display.

3D Preview

myLocation offers ahead of the booking process the possibility to check independently the effect of media on a concrete display for advertising customers through a simple preview feature.


How often the advertisement is really apparent is depending on various factors. That is why myLocation provides reports on a per second basis for billing purposes. These reports also consider the surveillance of the whole display/presentation-chain.

Advertisement for self-staged events

Besides traditional images and movies of advertisement it is also possible to inform the visitor about forums or highlights oft he current event. An adjusted image gurantees a differantiation through booked advertisements and path leading.



Flexible Webinterface

All enterings are received through a common webinterface right where they occur. This is also where the adminstration takes place. Due to flexible design the operation is available on many (mobile) devices.

User and right Management

Every user gets a role with all necessary rights of access. The roles and rights are oriented towards the business processes. Additional users and also external roles like service providers and event manager can be implemented without further costs.



The used players can serve up to four displays and are proactively filled with information and media data. Thus a high reliability and fail-safe stability can be ensured. It is also possible to use mobile player that are integrated in displays or pedestal places.


The system permits the integration of various livestreams and the use of random displays on the whole venue ground.

Central Server System

The Linux-based central server system combines diverse services which form a holistic system and connects all server components.
Based on modern technology fast response time and a high scalability is ensured.


Future-proofed with a competent partner

Always Expandable.

With a variety of interfaces myLocation already offers without any adjustments the possibility of expansions. myLocation, as an inhouse product of pave, can always be expanded in accordance to individual requirements through our Research & Development Team.