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mylocation makes fairs and events manageable and provides a sensory perception for visitors. The innovative (groundbreaking), intelligent Path Leading and Information System facilitates the organisation, communication and signage of the infrastructure for fair ground or venue operators


Facilitation, Promptness/ Rapidity, Flexibility

myLocation ist the core component of digitalization. Information is gained first-handed and will be edited in diverse scopes through the illustration of business processes. myLocation interconnects different fields, employers and service providers and offers more than usual digital signage systems do.

myLocation – Das Prinzip

myLocation – Das Prinzip

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The three core competences of myLocation

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Path Leading


Visitors view of path leading

Modern/advanced fair grounds and event venues grow consistently and mostly rise to a challenge for new visitors. The key focus of mylocation path leading is the visitor and therefore it offers adjusted images from the arrival to reaching a room or fair booth.

Equal/steady utilization

With flexible adjustments of the realtime path leading the signange can be adjusted anytime due to the circumstances. The adjustments don’t need any further technical knowledge nor a mayor effort. The deselection or prioritization particular paths will do to influence the algorithm.

Escape- and dangermanagement

myLocation can be integrated within an already exisiting security/safety concept and can thus for example support the escape management.
With just a few clicks the intelligent path leading can reroute the visitors away from the danger.